Batman Nails!

Batman Nails

Batman Nails

Hello everyone!

Last week I did batman nails! I dressed up as batwoman for work, so I decided to paint my nails to match. Plus, Batman is my favorite hero!

How to: “Batman Head”

  • Base Coat
  • Paint your nails a solid color, I chose grey and yellow.
  • With a ballpoint tool or a toothpick outline the shape of batman’s head, and then fill the rest in using your tool with black polish or paint.
  • Add two white dashes for batman’s eyes.
  • Top Coat

How to: “Black matte nail with yellow tip”

  • Base Coast
  • Paint nails with black polish
  • Apply a coat of matte finish polish. I used essie “matte about you”
  • With the tip of a nail polish brush carefully create a french tip with yellow polish
  • NO TOP COAT! It will ruin you matte finish

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