Monster Mouths & Eyeball Halloween Nails

Monster Mouths & Eyes Halloween Nails

Monster Mouths & Eyeball Halloween Nails

Hello everyone!

Halloween is nearing and I’m totally in the halloween mood. I seen some monster mouth nails and these eyeball nail ideas online. I couldn’t pick which one to do, sooo.. I did both! I really liked these freaky nails. It’s a fun change from my usual girly nails.

How to: For the Monster Mouths

  • Base coat
  • Paint index, middle, and pinky fingernails with a red polish
  • Paint only the middle of the nails with a black polish to create the look of a black mouth with red lips.
  • Using a thin brush, paint white teeth along the inner  boarders of the black polish
  • Top coat, and Done!

How to: For Eyeballs

  • Base coat
  • Paint ring and thumb fingernails with a white polish
  • With a blue polish, add a big drop of the blue polish to the middle of the nail
  • With a black polish, add a smaller drop of the black polish in the middle of the blue drop
  • With a ball point tool, add a small white drop between the blue and black drops
  • Top coat, and your finished!

I hope you all enjoy these and even try them. If you do try them send me a pic! If anyone has any question on the “how to” just message me and I’ll be happy to elaborate.


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