The “Louboutin Nails” with my own twist

"Louboutin Nails" with a twist

“Louboutin Nails” with a twist

So I know some of you have seen Louboutin pumps with their signature red sole right? So pretty, so I did the “Louboutin Nails.” Basically Louboutin Nails are black on the top and red underneath like Louboutin pumps. I added my own twist by doing a black matte nail with a glossy black french tip.

How to:

  • Painted all nails black
  •  Apply a coat of matte polish (I used Essie “matte about you.”)
  • Paint a black french tip over the matte nails
  •  Paint underneath your nails with a white polish followed by the red polish over the white in order to make the red stand out more
  • Clean up around nails
  • DO NOT APPLY A TOP COAT, it will ruin your matte finish

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